Niswishkoden akiing omaa ayaayang: Ojibweg, Odawag gaye Boodawewaadomiig. Anishinaabemowag. Giikanaamozo Gabegiikendaasogamigong ate bangii ishgoniganing gaa ishkonigaadeg wi apii Majibineshiwish miinawaa wiiji-anishinaabeg bi endaawaad.

We gather on the land of the Three Fires Confederacy: the Ojibwe, the Odawa and the Potawatomi. They speak Anishinaabemowin. Kalamazoo* College itself is located on a part of the reservation established for Match-e-be-nash-she-wish and his band of Potawatomi. *This term means to surround with smoke and is/ reflects the way mist would rise off the river in the area. Another term sometimes used is gaziigamize, the term for boiling sap.

Support from the Arcus Center

The Arcus Center is proud to offer various ways our community can engage with the Center’s work and various support opportunities for projects that relate to Social Justice.

EVERYONE is welcome to:

  • Attend events and trainings hosted by the ACSJL! Check out our events calendar to find out about upcoming ACSJL events. For other events visit our past events page.
  • Read the latest posts on Praxis Center, the ACSJL’s online resource center for scholars, activists, and artists.
  • Listen to the latest episode of Radical Future Now, the ACSJL’s podcast that connects with social justice leaders around the world to talk about how to organize, how to be in movement, and how to build radical futures now.
  • Host meetings, community events, or hang out at the ACSJL. Our building is open to the public and can be used free of charge for social justice related work! Please reference our social justice rubric below to evaluate wether your project and needs fits with our mission and use the ACSJL Support Form to request use of the space.
  • Request a facilitation of one or more of the ACSJL’s offered workshops for your organization.

In addition, Kalamazoo College Students, Staff, and Faculty can:

  • Apply for our various Grant Opportunities for Staff and faculty members to pursue leadership and professional development opportunities related to social justice on and off campus, including SIP funding and much more.
  • Review our Social Justice Rubric and fill out our ACSJL Support Form to request financial and/or logistical assistance from the ACSJL in helping your social justice ideas come to life!
  • Get support for innovative and interdisciplinary academic initiatives that infuse social justice into your classroom curriculum. Contact and/or fill out our ACSJL Support Form to get the process started.

And Greater Kalamazoo Community Members are invited to:

  • Apply for the Regional Fellowship opportunity offered each year (currently on hiatus until our new Executive Director has been selected) where the ACSJL offers funding and support to local social justice leaders looking to implement a project in their organization or community. For more information about the fellowship, visit the Regional Fellowship page.
  • Fill out our ACSJL Support Form to request financial and/or logistical support for a social justice program or project.