ACSJL Advisory Boards

Global Advisory Board (GAB)

The Global Advisory Board (GAB) consists of members of the global community of social justice leaders, who act as ambassadors for the ACSJL, serve as a sounding board for the Center’s staff, and engage in their own work, that which reflects the Center’s values and aspirations.

Current board members include:

Faculty Advisory Board (FAB)

The Faculty Advisory Board provides strategic guidance to ACSJL Academic Director on faculty projects and curricular initiatives.

  • Bruce Mills (Professor of English, Faculty at Large)
  • Regina Stevens-Truss (Professor of Chemistry, Faculty at Large)
  • Katie McClean (Professor of Spanish (Associate Provost)
  • Eric Barth (Professor of Math, Assistant Provost of Teaching, Learning and Assessment)
  • Ryan Fong (Associate Professor of English, ACSJL Faculty Fellow)
  • Sarah Lindley (Professor of Art, ACSJL Senior Faculty Chair)
  • Shanna Salinas (Assistant Professor of English, ACSJL Junior Faculty Chair)

The Arcus Center Advisory Board (ACAB)

The purpose of the Arcus Center Advisory Board is to provide timely, relevant, and future-directed advice to the Executive Director about programmatic direction and priorities for the Center.  They serve as a point of contact across campus and community and keep the Center abreast of relevant developments in the community and on campus. ACAB members also provide visibility and serve as advocates for the ACSJL. This board is convened by Mia Henry, the ACSJL executive director.

Current ACAB advisory board members:

  • Lucy Liu (K’21)
  • Donovan Williams (K’20)
  • Francisco Villegas (Assistant Professor of Anthropology and Sociology
  • Natalia Carvalho-Pinto (Director of Intercultural Student Life)
  • Terri Raich (retired, Center for Career and Professional Development)
  • Josh Moon (Education Technology Specialist)
  • Mariah Hennen, (K alumna, Farmworkers Legal Services)
  • Fernando Ospina (Organizer/Trainer at ERACCE and Crossroads)
  • Jim Van Sweden (retired, Kalamazoo College Office of Communications)