Social Justice Leadership Fund

The Arcus Center for Social Justice Leadership’s Social Justice Leadership Fund (SJLF) grants Kalamazoo College students interested in becoming more engaged in social justice leadership issues and practice. The Fund provides opportunities to learn about a variety of social justice and human rights issues, develop new skills in organizing and leadership, and take action on the issues that prospective applicants care most about.

For more information or to apply, visit our SJLF page. Please send any questions or concerns Cat March at

Social Justice SIP Research Stipend 

The Social Justice SIP Research Stipend provides students working on their Senior Integrated Project relating to social justice with a $2000 stipend that helps students alleviate the costs of doing their research over the summer months.

For more information or to apply, visit our Social Justice SIP Stipend page. Please send any questions or concerns Cat March at

Summer Internship Stipend

ACSJL partners with the CCPD to provide $4,000 stipends to five students pursuing a summer social justice internship. Summer internship stipends will be granted only to first-generation college students (as self-reported to the College) and/or students with high financial need (as determined by the Financial Aid Office). You can find more information on our Summer Internship Funding page or learn how to apply for internship stipends on the CCPD webpage.

ACSJL internship stipends prioritize internships at organizations with explicit social justice missions. Please send any questions or concerns Cat March at

Faculty and Staff Grants

ACSJL Faculty and Staff Grants support Kalamazoo College faculty and staff to bring in a speaker or host an event, implement social justice pedagogy in their classes, departments, units, and fields and engage in the production of scholarship that is rooted in justice and equity.  The total amount a faculty or staff member may receive per calendar year is $1500.00. Grants, in general, are aimed at assisting faculty members to initiate new and innovative lines of engagement and/or research. They are not meant to sustain long-term endeavors or projects. Also, each faculty member who is awarded a grant must meet the terms of any previous grants before being considered for additional funds.

To apply, fill out our ACSJL Support Form. Please send any questions or concerns to