ACSJL Workshops

Available Workshops

Gender and Sexuality 101 – Minimum 1.5 hours

This workshop covers the basic key concepts and language about gender identity and expression as well as the sexuality spectrum, including crucial terminology and inclusive language. The last 20 minutes of this workshop can be customized to address your organization’s specific needs and questions around gender and sexuality inclusive practices in your work.

Anti-Racism 101 – Minimum 2 hours

This workshop covers basic key concepts and language about racism and the particular way it functions in the context of American culture. We will introduce critical terminology and frameworks that provide a systems perspective to a systemic issue. The workshop can be customized to address your organization’s specific needs by analyzing and exploring the ways your organization is complicit within a larger racial unjust system.

Compassionate Accountability – Minimum 1.5 hours

This workshop will help participants to understand and develop skills of compassionate accountability, particularly as they show up across identities within the larger work of social justice. We will explore how to build authentic relationships across differences, effective cross-cultural communication, and in-reach models of community organizing and service work. The workshop will culminate in time spent in racial caucus groups working on skills development and is intended for an audience that has previous training in anti-racism/anti-bias education and analysis.

Social Justice Basics and Concepts – Minimum 1.5 hours

This interactive workshop will introduce participants to basic social justice definitions, terminologies, and concepts/ideas. The primary purpose is to ensure that we all know what social justice is and have a shared language/understanding when we talk/think about social justice. The secondary purpose is to encourage participants to begin conceptualizing how they would approach organizing around prevalent social justice issues in their communities. Workshop participants will receive a resource packet to bring away with them.

Spaceship Building – Minimum 45 minutes

In this interactive workshop, participants will creatively and collectively think about what equity and justice look like and what we need in order to build and live a world where everyone is free.

Five Faces of Oppression – Minimum 1 hour

This workshop will be based on the article by the same name written by scholar Iris Marion Young. Participants will discuss definitions and current examples of five different forms of oppression and how to recognize each as they manifest on personal and institutional levels today.