Visiting Fellows

The ACSJL offered Visiting Fellowships or Sabbaticals for activists, artists, public intellectuals and faculty from 2011-2015.  These Fellowships provided an opportunity to rest, recharge, renew, reflect and develop new approaches to social justice activism and scholarship.  In turn, Visiting Fellows brought experience, insights, opportunities, and new perspectives to the Kalamazoo College community.  

Fellows were expected to be in residence in Kalamazoo for the duration of their fellowships. Length of stay ranged from three to nine months, with remuneration and other support adjusted accordingly. While in residence, fellows were expected to participate in or contribute to the Center’s activities, including seminars, colloquia, public lectures, and classroom lectures, while retaining the bulk of their on-campus time for their own pursuits. Teaching was not required, but Visiting Fellows may propose to teach a course if they wish. Fellows were also encouraged to propose workshops, programs, or other projects that will engage diverse members of the Kalamazoo College community.  Arcus Center staff worked with Fellows in developing these projects.