Grant Opportunities

The Arcus Center for Social Justice Leadership (ACSJL) recognizes that championing social justice includes the re-distribution of resources to support the catalyzation of radical social justice projects and collaborations with the goal of creating a more just world for all. The ACSJL partners with students, faculty, staff, and community organizations that actively work to disrupt oppressive systems, radically re-imagine possibilities, and look to contribute to the achievement of justice through education, organizing, and advocacy. Consequently, we will prioritize new radical projects that address root causes and are responsive to current injustices locally or globally, and those from traditionally marginalized populations. 

We review applications in detail and make decisions with the utmost thoughtfulness. In the spirit of reciprocity, we encourage you to approach application questions and exploratory discussions in the same vein, so we can get to know each other, explore shared interests, and support each other’s work. 

K College Students

Supporting Kalamazoo College Students through resourcing their social justice focused projects is core to ACSJL’s mission. We believe that for the fight for social justice to continue, the ideas and capacity of youth should be poured into. Our student fund provides resources to students in the following 3 ways:

K College Faculty/Staff

Supporting Kalamazoo College Faculty and Staff to advance their social justice focused initiatives or projects is at the heart of building capacity for current and future social justice leaders. Our grants will support Faculty and Staff to conduct action based research, implement social justice pedagogy in their classes, departments, units, and fields and engage in the production of scholarship that is rooted in justice and equity.

Visit the Faculty & Staff Fund page for more information and to apply for grant funding.


We believe a strong social justice sector, including community-based organizations tackling the root causes of social injustice, is essential in achieving sustainable justice. Our grants will support community-based organizations in Kalamazoo whose mission is centered in social justice and taking radical steps to achieving it. Kindly note, ACSJL is a collaborative partner and therefore prioritizes collaboration and mutual learning, in addition to financial support. 

Visit the Community Fund page for more information and to apply for funding.