Summer Internships

Each summer, we partner with the Center for Career and Professional Development (CCPD) to offer a select number of qualified undergraduate students internships at social justice organizations around the globe. The goals of this highly competitive program are to:

  1. Give students the opportunity to integrate social justice theory with practice in a professional setting
  2. Increase their understanding of how we live into social justice values while we serve others.

This paid internship program is designed to be accessible to first-generation college students and students with high financial need.

Finding Internships

All social justice internships we know of can be found on Handshake. You can also see a list below of past internship sites.

Funding for an Internship

ACSJL partners with the CCPD to provide $4,000 stipends to five students pursuing a summer social justice internship. Summer internship stipends will be granted only to first-generation college students (as self-reported to the College) and/or students with high financial need (as determined by the Financial Aid Office). More information on how to apply for internship stipends is available on the CCPD webpage.

ACSJL internship stipends prioritize internships at organizations with explicit social justice missions.

Requirements for CCPD-Arcus Internships

Students will be expected to be in consistent contact with ACSJL Program Coordinator Justin Danzy prior to the internship and during the summer. The expectations are for the intern to have at least one introductory meeting with Justin upon receiving the CCPD-Arcus stipend and at least one check-in conversation over the course of the summer, as well as one follow-up conversation in the Fall.

To Host a Social Justice Intern

If you are interested in hosting an ACSJL intern, please contact the student leadership coordinator, Nichole Real at

All questions regarding our internship program should be directed to a student leadership coordinator, Nichole Real at

Summer Internship Sites







Request a full list of past K College student internships by contacting the CCPD.