ACSJL Reservation Request Form (COVID-19)

After reading our guidelines and all other provided information on our Building Use During COVID-19 Page, if you would like to request our space for an event, please fill out our reservation request form below. For any questions or clarification, please reach out to our Center Manager, Rhiki Swinton, at

Campus Support - COVID

  • Check One: * Required
  • Event Details

  • We are only able to accommodate one event per week - please provide desired date first and, if possible, a few alternative dates if first is not available.
  • Social Justice Issues Addressed by Proposed Event (Check all that apply):
  • Funding needs (if no funds are requested, please move on to the next section):

  • Supply needs (if no funds are requested, please move on to the next section):

  • Supplies Needed * Required
    Based on our event set up options listed on our information page, please indicate which supplies we have to offer you plan to use. Chairs and disposable cups are not listed here as all of them will be left available to you regardless. *Any item or piece of furniture not listed here is not for use even if it’s still physically in the space.*
  • Guideline Acknowledgements

    Please take some time to read over our guidelines and building use during COVID-19 information before continuing.
  • Event capacity must remain below 25 people at all times * Required
  • All individuals must be masked the entire time they are indoors * Required
  • All individuals must maintain 6 feet from all other individuals at all times. * Required
  • An ACSJL staff member will be in the building during your event, but is not required to leave the office wing at any point * Required
  • Any event support and needs must be organized beforehand through Facilities Management, Media Services, or the Help Desk. * Required
  • Catering and use of the ACSJL kitchen are unavailable * Required
  • The 4 bathrooms near the East entrance are the only bathrooms available to guests * Required
  • Set-up, sanitization, and tear-down are the event organizer’s responsibility * Required